Relating as a community



Sisters, Brothers, Workers, and Applicants are assigned to small clusters, not geographically based, with a Cluster Leader who acts as a spiritual guide. Each cluster member writes a monthly letter to the Cluster Leader and receives a reply. 

Corporate Communions

Members living in geographic proximity gather monthly for Holy Eucharist, study, and fellowship. Companions and Friends are welcome at Corporate Communions.

The Bulletin

A monthly bulletin features news notes, spiritual sharing,  themed articles, and reflection questions. With the Bulletin is a list of prayer requests from members and a calendar of daily readings and WSHS/WBHS birthdays.


In addition to the monthly prayer list, timely requests for prayer are shared by email and phone. Each person attending Annual Retreat has a prayer partner with whom to pray during Retreat and throughout the coming year.

Annual Retreat

Members gather annually  at a four-day retreat featuring worship, fellowship, study, reflection, and fun. Companions and Friends are welcome at every retreat. Scholarships are available to those for whom attendance might be a hardship.

Formation and Training

Each year has a theme, focusing on inner and outward growth in alternating years. These themes are explored at Retreat and through the monthly Bulletin.

Applicants and any members wishing to deepen their involvement in WSHS/WBHS are assigned mentors for a course of in-depth study packets.