Benedictine Spirituality

The Rule of The Worker Sisters and Brothers of the Holy Spirit is Benedictine in orientation. Many of the underlying principles have helped form and shape our thinking and action. 

Benedict’s spiritual journey was filled with temptations, battles, victories, and growth toward holiness. When first produced, the Rule of St. Benedict was believed to have been an original work. Today, after many years of research, it has been suggested that Benedict adapted his Rule from a person known only as “The Master.” Benedict likely took this early Rule and rewrote it in a more traditional format. Benedict’s Rule contains all the necessary steps for the ordering of both one’s practical and spiritual life in a monastic setting. Our Community has followed that model. We have attempted to take the best of Benedict and bring it into contemporary society.

Most of Benedict’s principles have found their way into our Community life. Of particular significance is the emphasis upon the Rule itself as being the foundation for the Christian life. In our Rule, our Life Commitment includes Stability, Conversatio, and Obedience. Benedict advocated the importance of a balanced life that contained three facets, Prayer, Study, and Work. Enacting these principles, our Rule includes Prayer and Lectio Divina; Study, our Formation and Training; and Work, our Mission and Ministry. Hospitality is a shared value. Benedict’s monks took a vow of poverty; our Community has made a commitment to Simplicity which incorporates some of these essential values. In place of a vow of celibacy, we have emphasized the importance of Intimacy.

The Community also takes very seriously the importance of leadership, respect, and accountability evidenced by Benedict’s monks. While our Community is postulated around our contemporary society, we still hold Benedict’s basic truths about God as our underlying foundation.