Fruit of the Spirit

Our logo shows a dove, representing the Holy Spirit, bestowing the nine Fruits of the Spirit.

Love — An Experience of Being

Our Community is constantly being created by those who are becoming. We are strongly focused on "being" rather than "doing." Through prayer, study, contemplation, and worship, we are empowered for love-filled action.

Joy — An Experience of Becoming

We discover that joy comes in those moments when we know we are loved unconditionally by God. We experience the spark of humor, the wind of laughter, and the warmth of God’s love. Propelled by Joy, we confidently move forward.

Peace — An Experience of Wholeness and Prayer

In this fractured world, we seek to attain God’s peace and wholeness. We ask God to enter deeply into our lives and touch the inner core of our beings. Our emphasis on prayer and healing provides a solid foundation for us to reach out as persons of peace.

Patience — An Experience of Discovery

As we practice the Fruit of Patience, we trust God to work in the NOW of our lives. Beginning with understanding ourselves, we discover the grace for change and growth. We can then extend patience into our relationships and experiences.

Goodness — An Experience of Relating

The Spirit’s gift of goodness, which is not dependent on our "being good," invites us to a life that is filled with hope. It helps us grapple together with difficult questions, issues, and relationships.

Kindness — An Experience of Compassion

In the assurance of God’s love and forgiveness, we examine ourselves so that we may extend God’s mercy through kindness and compassion. We respond to our being called by the Holy Spirit to participate in Christ’s mission through specialized ministries.

Faithfulness — An Experience of Commitment

Our Community’s Rule of Life helps us build a trusting relationship with God and each other. God’s faithful covenant invites us to commitment.

Meekness — An Experience of Gentleness

As we strive to put God first in our lives, we gain confidence to face our frailties. Community members help each other develop humility and gentleness as embodied in Jesus Christ. This leads us into gentleness with ourselves, others, and all of creation.

Self-control — An Experience of Stability

Seeking to bring our desires into oneness with God, we pray for moderation in our feelings, thoughts, and actions. Our emphasis on Formation and Training anchors us in God, who is our stability.