Mission Statement

The Worker Sisters and Brothers of the Holy Spirit is a Covenant Community which seeks to respond to God’s call through the power of the Holy Spirit, participate in Jesus Christ’s vision of unity, become his holy people, show forth Fruit, and in obedience to his command, go forth into the world.

It offers women and men, regardless of marital status, a path for individual spiritual growth through a life commitment to a Rule which provides an opportunity to experience prayer, worship, becoming, discovery, belonging, relating, commitment, and mission.


The Worker Sisters of the Holy Spirit is an International Covenant Community founded in the United States in December, 1972 in the Diocese of West Missouri. The Worker Brothers of the Holy Spirit originated in 1979 and the Community expanded to Canada. The Community was officially recognized by The Episcopal Church Standing Committee on Religious Orders of the House of Bishops in 1984, Title III Canon 30.