Our Founder

A Tribute to our Captain

Our Sr. Angela had a vision many years ago a vision that brought her to Kansas City to found a community for ordinary men and women giving them a Rule, a direction for their lives, an entry into a loving community of support where “being” not “doing” was emphasized.

She has faithfully kept this vision alive all these years across much time and space.

In the midst of challenges, losses and sorrows she never left the helm, Like a good sea captain, she steered our community through both calm and stormy seas, led us on new paths but always on course to nourish our relationship with our God, to listen and respond and grow in love and service to God, our neighbors and our world.

Like a good captain seeking direction from the stars, our captain opened the ear of her heart to better discern God’s direction for our community. How many hours of her life were spent on her knees praying for each of us individually, praying for our community as a whole? Time after time again, she sacrificed for all of us, spending hours in prayer, listening, obeying, and carrying out God’s plan for our community.

Sr. Angela was all about listening and prayer and obedience to the call. She never gave up, but always persevered, through struggles, challenges and losses. She persevered in faith, for herself and for all of us. She loved and sacrificed for this Community; and for each of us within the whole. One doesn’t replace a founder. Our founder brought us the Vision; she fleshed it out and gave it to us. She loved us by encouraging us, by calling out the strengths she saw in each, We are more than we were because of her Vision.

How do we now show our gratitude in the loss of our captain?

Although she cannot be replaced, we can honor her by going forward by continuing in her footsteps, by remaining true to the Vision we have inherited, by sharing it with our brothers and sisters, by being there for those who will come to us in the future. We have richly received, May we richly give to others what we have been given.