Community Life

The charism of our Community, the particular way we are called to follow Christ, is to nurture the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. To support our charism, we follow a Rule of Life which is Benedictine in orientation. It includes scripture study, prayer, reflection, dedication to simplicity and participation in mission and ministry. We see the congregation as the central core in the life of the Church. Community members are encouraged to participate in their local churches as an outgrowth of the gifts recognized through The Worker Sisters and Brothers of the Holy Spirit.

Formation and Training

Mentor-guided formation is available for Applicants, Workers and Novices. We also participate in ongoing training through the yearly study of themes such as: The Ministry of Reconciliation, Living Prayer, Spirituality in the Community of Faith, The Psalms, and Compassion. Our monthly publication challenges us to explore different aspects of our current theme with articles and questions for reflection. It also serves as our communication hub in which we share prayer requests, events in our day-to-day lives and updates on our spiritual journeys and experiences. Where available, small groups meet each month for corporate communion. We joyfully gather for an annual retreat which sparks inspiration and renewal.

Our African Companion Community

For the past several years, The Worker Sisters and Brothers of the Holy Spirit have had a companion relationship with Chita che Zvipo Zve Moto (The Community of the Gifts of the Holy Fire) Gowke, Zimbabwe, Africa. Members of our Community have visited Africa, and recently two sisters from Zimbabwe attended our annual retreat.

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Our Ecclesiastical Visitors

The Episcopal Church United States, Haiti

The Rt. Rev. Barry R. Howe Friend WSHS

The Diocese of West Missouri P.O. Box 413227 Kansas City, Missouri 64141 U.S.A.


The Anglican Church of Canada

Canada, Australia

The Rt. Rev. M. Philip Poole, Friend, WSHS

The Diocese of Toronto 135 Adelaide St. East Toronto, ON M5C 1L8 Canada